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Independent Research

From 2013 to 2017, I collected data driving back and forth on the I-85, I-77, I-95, I-64, I-285, I-20, I-81, I-87 and I-78. In 2017 I wrote a program in Visual Basic that read through queried patents in the USPTO. Upon realizing that the technology I conceptualized was unique to every existing patent in the field, I put the pedal to the metal and filed the patent application in 2018. I kept collecting data and put about 75,000+ miles on the dash to date. In August 2019 I received the Notice of Allowance and decided to write an article highlighting the issue for which the patented technology offers a solution. If I spent more time searching the web rather than just reading patents and collecting data, I would have discovered that there are hundreds of articles on the web addressing the left lane laws.

In essence, "driving continuously in the left lane of a multi-lane roadway when it impedes the flow of other traffic" is a major problem. Studies go back as far as 2007 where slow pokes were identified as the primary catalyst of accidents on the roadways. In 2017 when I first started researching the Slow Poke law, only 29 States had passed the the law. Today there are 44 States on board whose aim is to keep dawdlers out of the left lane. The proof is in the pudding and you'll have your fill by simply reading the titles of the listed articles.

My aim here is simple. Before one can stomach a solution, one must first recognize that there is a problem. From State Troopers to Attorneys at Law to Roadway Motorists to Insurance Companies to News Outlets and Radio Show Hosts, it's clear that the driving community is ready for a solution. Join the discussion by subscribing at and weigh in in this long awaited shift!

Articles from the Web Supporting the Slow Poke Law

I've categorized the articles for your convenience, as there is a lot of coverage that supports the need for reform. I trust that you won't have to read every article to get the picture. 

Auto Insurance Companies

Maniacs, Idiots and the Left Lane -

Should You Only Use The Left Lane To Pass? - GEICO

Driving Slow in the Left Lane is Dumb and Illegal - AutoInsurance Center

The Dangers of Driving Too Slowly - esurance

'Slowpoke' Laws Target Left-Lane Plodders -

The Truth About Left Lane Driving - IHRY Insurance

Keep Right: Which States Prohibit Left-Lane Driving? -

Driving Communities

Slow Drivers Killing More People In The UK Than Ever Before - Car Scoops

Study Shows Why You're Wrong for Driving Slow in the Left Lane - Speed Society

New Idaho Law Allows Slow Drivers in the Left Lane to be Ticketed - The Drive

Left Lane Drivers of America -

Colorado State Trooper Teaches Highway Driving 101 on Facebook, Tells Left-Lane Squatters to Beat It - The Drive

3 Reasons Driving Slow in the Fast Lane is Dangerous - FL Drug and Alcohol Course

This is Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slow in the Left Lane - District Speed

Left Lane Blockers - DriveSmartBC

Use of Lanes - Drivers Ed

Is Driving Too Slow Just as Dangerous as Speeding? - Halfords

Watch Out Left-Lane Bandits, Idaho Police Can Ticket You Now - Motor1

Is There A Law Against Holding Up Traffic In The Left Lane? -

Georgia’s New Left Lane Law - Braxton Automotive Group Inc.

Left-Lane Passing Laws: A State-By-State Map - Jalopnik

A Reminder For Clueless Jerks: Don't Drive Slow In the Left Lane - Road & Track

Slow Left Lane Driving: The Law and Why It’s So Dangerous -

6 Reasons to Avoid the Left Lane Unless You’re Passing - Equipment World's Better Roads

Please Watch this Video About Using the Passing Lane - Autotrader

A $250 Fine for “Left Lane Squatters” - Car Talk Community

10 Most Annoying Things Slow Drivers Do, Ranked - HotCars

Left Lane For Passing Only - Comedy Defensive Driving

Research Reveals Slow Left Lane Drivers are Spiking Accident Rates - AA Roads

How to Deal With Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane -

Road Rage Statistics Filled With Surprising Facts - Elite Driving School

Left Lane Driving Can Result In $500 Fine - The Truckers Report

The Problem with Driving Slow in the Left Lane -

The Rules & Dangers Behind Driving Slow in the Left Lane - Helm Associates, Inc.

Too Slow in the High-Speed Lane - Road & Travel Magazine

What Cause Traffic Jams? The Physics Behind You Need To Know - Smart Motorist

Left-Lane Driving: Just Don't Do It - AutoWeek

UK Statistic Show That Slow Drivers Are Causing More Fatal Crashes Each Year - AutoSpies

How Do You Cope With Slow, Dawdling, Indecisive Drivers? - PistonHeads

News Outlets

Growing Number of States Fine Slowpoke Drivers in Highway Fast Lanes - PBS

Slow Drivers, Get Out of our Way - CNN

Highway Patrol's Post Reminding Drivers Not to 'camp' in Left Lane Goes Viral - NBC News Las Vegas

Move over, Alabama! Research Reveals Slow Left Lane Drivers are Spiking Accident Rates - Yellow Hammer News

Frustrated Drivers Want Cops To Crackdown On Left Lane Slowpokes - WLNY CBS New York

Tennessee Lawmakers Want to Expand 'Slow Poke' Law to 2 Lane Roads - FOX 17 Nashville

States Take Aim at Slow Drivers in the Left Lane - CBS 3 

Reminders Never Get Old: The Left Lane is for Passing - Bangor Daily News

Proposed Left-Lane Law is Really About Ohioans - AP News

UDOT Reminds ‘Left Lane Loafers’ To Keep Right, Except To Pass - KSL TV

Cracking Down on Drivers Holding Up the Left Lane - US News

New ‘Anti-Road Rage Act’ Creates Fine for Riding Left Lane - WHNT19

What Drivers Need to Know About the Oklahoma Left Lane Law Now in Effect -

Hoggin’ the Passing Lane: What to Know When Hitting the Highway This Summer - WNEP 16 ABC

Anti-Road Rage Act Could Keep Slow Drivers out of Left Lane - ABC 3340

How Many Left-Lane Slowpokes Have Been Fined Under New Va. Law? - WTOP

Lawmaker Says Left Lane Should be for Passing Only - Turn to 10

Move Over Slowpoke! Drivers Cited for Going Too Slow Under New Law -

Thousands Cited for Slow Left-Lane Driving Under New Va. Law - NBC Washington

Left-lane Laggards May Lose Under New Virginia Law - The Roanoke Times

When Driving, Far Left Lane for Passing Only -

Driving Too slow? You Could Be Slapped With $1,000 Fine - CBS News

Bill in State Senate Would Increase Fine for So-Called 'Left Lane Campers' - Komo News

Delving Deeper Into the New Left Lane Law - KMVT CBS 11

New Law Targets Left Lane Drivers - WAVE 3 NBC News

New York Bill Aims to Curb Coasting in the Left Lane of Highways - WRGB Albany

Are Slow Drivers a Danger on Oregon Roads? - KATU 2

Indiana, Other States Take Aim at Slow Drivers in the Left Lane - FOX 59

Slow Left Lane Drivers Face Fine Under Updated Law - Eyewitness News

Left Lane Not Legally a Passing Lane in North Carolina - WFMY CBS News

Driving You Crazy: Viewer pleads, if you are not passing, stay out of the left lane! - ABC

New Law Could Mean Trouble for Left Lane Drivers - WDAM

ArDOT Installing ‘Slower Traffic Keep Right’ Signs On Arkansas Roadways -

Move Over, Law-Abiding Drivers! New Law Takes Effect July 1 - NBC WTHR

Can You be Ticketed for Going Too Slow in the Left Lane? - WGRZ NBC

Like to Drive in the Fast Lane? There's Now a New Law Against It - Fox 10

Illinois State Police to use “Covert Vehicles” to Cut Down on Left Lane Violators - WBWN

Driving Me Crazy: Left Lane Hogs on the Freeway - KGW8 NBC

Too Slow in the Fast Lane: The Florida Law That's Rarely Enforced - WFTV 9 ABC

Cruising in the Left Lane? GSP Says it Can Cost You - WFXL FOX 31

Is Wisconsin's 'Left Lane Law' Too Vague? - Fox11 News

Proposed West Virginia Bill Targets Left-Lane Slow Drivers - WCHS ABC 8

Proposed Law in Delaware Targets Slower Drivers in Left-Hand Lanes - WBOC CBS

Left Lane Law Routinely Ignored by Drivers - KRIS 6 News

States Take Aim at Slow Drivers in the Left Lane - FOX6

'We've Heard Many of You Didn't Know:' Sign Reminds Drivers the Left Lane is for Passing - CBS Austin

Tampa Police: Left Lanes are for Passing Vehicles, per Florida law - FOX 13 Tampa

Do You Cruise in the Passing Lane? New Bill Would Make it Illegal - ABC WKBW Buffalo

MHP Warning Drivers About Left Lane Law - ABC NewsCenter 11

ODOT: Slower Drivers Need to Move Out of Left Lanes - WHIO

‘Attention Left Lane Loungers’ – Missouri Highway Patrol Reminding Drivers of Passing Laws - FOX 4 Kansas City

State, Local Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Driving in the Left Lane - FOX

DPS Enforcing Texas Left-Lane Passing Law - kiiiTV ABC

Lawmakers Seek to Penalize Slow Left-Lane Drivers - NBC 13

Left-Lane Slow Drivers Targeted in New Bill - WSAZ 3

Road Rage: 9 Ways to Get Yourself Killed - CBS News

Trooper Praised for Pulling Over Driver Going Too Slow in Left Lane - ABC 7 News

Utah Drivers Livid Over Left Lane Loafers, Police sSay Slow Drivers Must Move Over - FOX 13 Salt Lake City

Ever Get Stuck Behind Slow Driver in Left Lane? Watch This State Trooper Get ’Em - Q13 FOX


Troopers Pulled Over 13.5K Left-Lane Campers in 2017 -

MN Bill Seeks to Push Drivers Out of the Way of Speeders - Minnesota Public Radio

Left-lane Slowpokes Face Fines Under New Florida Law -

Reminder: Driving Slow in Left Lane Could Cost You (So Don’t!) - The River 96.7

Don't Be A Slowpoke: Why Left Lane Driving Causes Traffic -

New Hampshire Cracking Down On Slow Drivers In The Left Lane - WCYY 94.3

Drive Right: Law Directs Slower Motorists to Move Over - MPR News

Pop Quiz: Is It Illegal To Stay In The Left Lane In Florida? - 99.5 QYK

Delaware Cracking Down on Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane - WDEL 1150AM 101.7FM

Trooper Talk: Distracted Driving, Left-Lane Camping Rampant in Seattle-Area - KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

Now There’s Proof: Slow Drivers Cause More Accidents! - KROC 106.9

Your Responses: Should FHP Ticket Slow Drivers in the Left Lane? - Florida Hadline News Radio

Are Seattle Drivers Really so Terrible? - KOUW 94.9

What is the Deal with the SLOW DRIVERS in the Left Lane??! - Magic 106.7

Online Journals

Death Penalty Still Permissible For People Who Drive Slowly In The Left Lane, Pope Francis Clarifies - The Babylon Bee

Few drivers rush to obey Slowpoke Law - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Left-lane Bill Fires Up Drivers, But Won’t Change Much - The Washington Post

Lawmaker Wants to Limit Left Highway Lane for Passing Only - timeunion

Slower Traffic Keep Right: A Summary of State ‘Keep Right’ Traffic Laws - Claims Journal

Left Lane Loafers: Stop Blocking Traffic and Get Out of the Way - Miami Herald

New Minnesota Law to Fine Slower Drivers in the Left Lane - StarTribune

Going Slow in the Left Lane? Signs Warn of a $121 Fine - Sun Sentinel

EDITORIAL: No Need for Passing Lane Law - The Daily Gazette

State’s Left-Lane Drivers are Never in the Right - The Durango Herald

Slow Drivers Can Be Punished for Hanging Out in the Fast Lane in Minnesota - Planetizen

Beware 'Slowpokes' in the Left Lane, Minnesota State Law to Change Aug. 1 - Duluth News Tribune

You’re On a Three-Lane Highway and Trying to Keep a Steady Speed. Which Lane Should You Choose? - The Bellingham Herald

Is it Time to Crack Down on 'Left Lane Hogs'? - Houston Chronicle

A Ticket for Driving in the Left Lane? - york daily record

Keep Right: Left-Lane Driving Causes Problems on Mississippi Roads - SunHerald

Law Could Ban Drivers From Driving in Left Lane Without Passing - Hudson Valley Post

New Law Would Restrict Left Lane of Traffic to Drivers Who are Passing, Turning or Exiting - delaware online

Driving in the Left Lane: A State-by-State Guide to When it’s Legal, When it’s Not -

House Passes Bill to Prohibit Driving in Left Lane - Clarion Ledger

Is the Left Lane Just Reserved for Passing? - The Globe and Mail

Speed Up, Slowpoke, or Get a Ticket - The New York Times

Clear the Passing Lane - The Register-Guard

You’ve Been Warned: Get Out of the Left Lane! - Arkansas Times

Left Lane Laggers Will be Fined - The Telegraph

How to Deal With Slow Drivers Not Moving Out of the Left Lane -

In Our Opinion: You’re Not Alone If You are Irritated by Slow Drivers - Whidbey News-Times

Driving Too Slow on Virginia Highways Can Cost You $100 - USA Today

Spike in Road Casualties From Crashes Caused By Slow Drivers - iTV

South Carolina Bills Tackle Driver Safety Concerns - Land Line

Yes, Driving Too Slow Can Get You Pulled Over in Michigan - Detroit Free Press

Slow Drivers in the Left Lane? Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Send a (Repeated) Message - AZ Central

Why Oh Why Do Drivers Linger in the Left Lane? - Citizen Times

The Left Lane is for Passing - Mountain Xpress

How to Deal With Slow Drivers - The Poke

B.C. To Give Police Power to Penalize ‘Left Lane Hogs’ - Vancouver Sun

Connecticut Needs a Better Left-Lane Law - Hartford Courant

‘Left Lane for Passing Only’ Not a Suggestion — it’s the law -

Left-lane Slowpokes Face Tougher Time Under New Illinois Law - Chicago Tribune

Introduced Bill Would Make it Illegal to Block Left-Lane Traffic - West Virginia MetroNews

Denver Rant: Hey, Idiot, Stop Driving Slow in the Fast Lane! - Westword

Not passing? Get Out of Left Lane, Bill Says -

Higher Fines Eyed for Riding the Left Lane in New Jersey - The Morning Call

B.C. to Give Police More Power to 'Crack Down on Left-Lane Hogs' - National Post

Editorial: Verdict’s in on Left-Lane Camping; Move Over - HeraldNet

Letters: Letter on Driving in Fast Lane Riles Readers - The Province

Is it Time to Crack Down on 'Left Lane Hogs'? -

Beware Slowpokes in the Left Lane, State Law to Change Aug. 1 - Waseca County News

2 Drivers Cited for Going Too Slow Under Idaho’s New Law - The Salt Lake Tribune

Driver Cruised at 50 mph in the Left Lane. People love this ‘rockstar’ cop’s response - The Sacramento Bee

Should Slow Left-Lane Drivers be Fined? - Seattle pi

It’s Time to Give up the Left Lane, for Everyone’s Safety - The Manual

New Left Lane Law Nets Dozens of Citations in Oklahoma - The Oklahoman

Colorado Drivers Should be Reminded About State’s Left-Lane Law - The Denver Post

No, Slowing Down Doesn’t Make You a Safer Driver - Men'sHealth

Sen. Wants Bigger Fine for Slow Drivers - Greenville News

Slow Drivers 'Are Among Most Dangerous on Roads' and Cause Crashes - DailyMail UK

I Hate Slow Drivers -

Hey, Buddy, Get Out of the Left Lane! Bill Aims to Tweak Rules of the Road. - Concord Monitor

Stay Out of the Left Lane: An Important Message for NJ Drivers -

Hey Drivers, Stop Clogging up the Left Lane on the Interstate - Coloradoan

Does Ohio Need a ‘Slow Poke Law’? - Springfield News-Sun

Message Monday - Camp in the Park, Not the Left Lane - Transportation Matters Iowa DOT

SPECIAL REPORT: Driving in the Left Lane -

Left-Lane Campers, This Means You: State Patrol Conducting Crackdown this Week - The Seattle Times

Road Warrior: Know Your Lanes and Stick to the Right One For You - The Morning Call

14 Rude Driving Habits You Need to Stop ASAP - Reader's Digest

Driving Too Slow in the Left Lane? You'd be Fined Under NC Senate Bill - The News & Observer

Bill Targets Slow Drivers in Fast Lanes on Hawaii Freeways - Star Advertisers

How About Keeping the Fast Lane ‘Fast’? - The Press Democrat

"Really?... Left Lane For Passing Only??" - Hale Center Insider

Supporter of 'Left-Lane Bill' Says Maryland is Behind Other States - The Frederick News-Post

Oregon Left Lane Hogs May Soon Face a Fine of up to $250 - The Oregonian

Dear SoCal: The Danger and Traffic Caused by Selfishly Driving Slow in the Left Lane - Long Beachize

The Left Lane is for Passing, Not for Cruising - Mother Nature Network

Driving in the Left Lane: A State-by-State Guide to When it’s Legal, When It’s Not -

Law: Left Lane is NOT for Driving - NEA Report

Motorist Identified  in Fatal Highway 154 Collision - edhat Santa Barbara

Indiana Cracking Down Hard on Slow Left Lane Drivers to Prevent Accidents and Road Rage - RARE

Should Slow Drivers be Fined for Driving in the Left Lane on Major Highways? - Triangle Business Journal

Driving Too Slow Now Getting People Tickets in Idaho - Newser

Proposed Legislation Targets Left-Lane Drivers - The Gadsden Times

If You Drive Slow, Get Out of Left Lane - Green Bay Press Gazette

New NH Law Bans Slow Drivers From High-Speed Lane -

Driving Long Distance in the Left-Lane in Alabama Could Soon Get You a Traffic Ticket -

Left Lane Drivers are the Worst -

Driving Slow in the Left Lane Should Not be Allowed - Gulf News

Dear Slow Driver in the Left Lane -

Why Maryland Drivers May Soon See Fines for Lingering in the Left Lane - Baltimore Sun

State News

Alabama Anti-Slow Left Lane Driving Bill: What does it mean for drivers? -

Do Drivers Ever Get Tickets for Hogging the Left Lane? -

Highway Driving - Texas Department of Transportation

The Right Lane - Florida Safety Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Oklahoma Outlaws Driving in the Left Lane - Governing

Illinois Drivers Lingering in Left Lane Can Face $120 Fine -

Legislature Gets it ‘Right?’ DE Drivers See End in Sight for Left-Lane Loping Crisis - Town Square Delaware

Ask a Trooper: Seriously, Get Out of the Left Lane -

House Passes Bill that Bans Driving in Left Lane on Interstates Without Passing - Alabama Political Reporter

Traffic Tip Tuesday - Facebook Massachusetts State Police

Should There be Stiffer Penalties for Slow Left-Lane Drivers? -

Colorado's Left Lane Law - Colorado State Publications Blog

Slow Drivers Dangerous, Can Cause Accidents - The Maui News

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Lingering in the Left Lane? Illinois State Police May Give You a $120 Ticket - Illinois Policy

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Driving the Speed Limit and Obeying the Law - WECT News 6

Tennessee 'Slow Poke' Law Could Soon Ban Slow Drivers From Fast Lane - Chattanooga Times Free Press

The Physics of . . . Changing Lanes - Discover Magazine

Attorneys at Law

Crack Down on Slow Left Lane Drivers - Reyes Law

Are You A Left Lane Hog? - The Law Offices of John Day, P.C.

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University Studies

State "Keep Right" Laws - MIT

Is Driving Faster Safer? - Penn State

Roads Are Better. Cars Are Safer. Let’s Raise the Speed Limit - U. of Texas at Austin


Hogging the Left Lane Will Cost You - Forbes

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